Even the most advanced technology is useless if it isn’t used by the right personnel. The mutually constructive dynamic of Chad Koury and Michelle Keller provide each client with the exact service needed to drill the very best wells. This is a team built on precision, expedience, and confidence and takes second place to no one.



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Chad Koury

Chad Koury earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from West Virginia University in 2010. He was employed by geologic service companies from 2011 until 2014 at which point he founded Koury Geosteering, LLC. While running his own company, he returned to WVU to earn a master’s degree, the subject of which is geosteering. Chad has strived to become well versed in the many facets of the oil and gas industry. With specific expertise in horizontal development, Chad delivers success to clients’ projects from conception to realization. This is done through assisting clients in an unlimited number of ways that reach beyond simple geosteering, and delve into limitlessly more complex and analytical methods.

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Michelle Keller

Michelle Keller earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a minor in Geology from Ball State University in 2005. She completed her master’s degree from Ball State in 2012 with a thesis topic pertaining to biostratigraphy of carbonates. Upon graduation, she began working for service companies, providing geosteering and wellsite geology. Michelle’s diligent analytical practices eliminate ambiguity and instill confidence in the interpretation process.

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Cory Slocum

Cory Slocum earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from Edinboro University in 2012. Cory began working in the oil and gas industry for service companies providing mudlogging and geosteering. He then worked for Rice Energy and eventually EQT Corporation as a geosteerer in their high-volume drilling campaigns in the fairway acreage of the Appalachian Basin.

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West Texas Wellsite

Koury Geosteering, LLC and West Texas Wellsite, Inc. have formed a strategic partnership to offer mudlogging and geosteering in tandem in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Founded in 1985 by Mike Jerner, West Texas Wellsite, Inc. quickly gained a reputation for getting things done right the first time in the infamous Hardeman Basin in Texas, logging Chapel Dolomitic mud mounds (reefs) for Cimerex Energy, as well as many smaller independents. Often the difference between a producing or abandoned well was drilling a single foot. Mike went on to log more than 200 of these wells, many which were drilled horizontally in the Chapel formation.The lessons and skills learned in this demanding play permeate the company to this day and shaped its philosophy. Expanding on his early successes, West Texas Wellsite’s area of operations grew to include most major plays in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. You can learn more about West Texas Wellsite here: www.westtexaswellsite.com